Sat Nav

During your test you will be asked to drive independently for about 20 minutes. You will need to follow directions from either the examiners Sat Nav or a series of Traffic signs. It does not matter if you go the wrong way or if you need to ask where you are going. Driving safely is what counts. The driving test is NOT about your ability to follow the Sat Nav’s directions. The examiner will provide the Sat Nav and set it up for you. You will not need to touch it at all.

The Sat Nav used on the test will be the TomTom Start 52. The one you have already been using with Kev Townsend School of Motoring during your lessons.

Do not get distracted by the Sat Nav, it can become too easy to rely on technology and forget to look where you are going. The Sat Nav will not tell you about that child who is about to cross the road, or the cyclist in your blind spot, or the driver about to emerge from the junction who has not seen you, or the learner about to move off from the wrong side of the road who cant see you because of the vehicle parked infront of them ! Don’t blindly follow your Sat Nav’s instructions without paying attention to what you can see in front of you. Continue to use all of your Hazard perception, scanning and planning, and awareness skills to anticipate and see situations developing. THE SAT NAV CANT DO THIS FOR YOU.

Remember the Sat Nav will sometimes get it wrong and give you misleading, confusing and completely wrong directions. If you are in the wrong lane, going the wrong way, then continue to safely go the wrong way. DO NOT try to swerve dangerously back into the other lane.  It’s not the Sat Nav driving the car, it’s you. This means that if you commit an offence or have an accident or make a fault during your test, it’s your fault – not the Sat Nav’s.  A GPS is supposed to be a driver aid, not a replacement for common sense.

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