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Kev Townsend School of Motoring saving you money on your driving lessons in Buxton and the High Peak

Learning to drive, buying your 1st car and the insurance can be so expensive.Driving Insructor Buxton So how can you save money. Most learners will look for the cheapest Instructor they can find. This is such a big financial mistake, and false economy. You will end up having far more lessons, possibly more tests, and therefore spend so much more. Go with the best not the cheapest and get it right 1st time. You will pass quicker, saving you time and money. And you will become a safer and better driver. You are learning a life skill, the consequences of going somewhere cheap and getting it wrong can be fatal. Do you know what is the biggest cause of disability and death among young people today Click on this link to find out more

Choosing an Instructor. Look for a good quality high grade professional. Someone who is established, full time and experienced. Make sure they are a fully qualified Instructor and they have a very high pass rate. ( Not all the big brand National Driving schools use fully qualified Instructors, so you could be with someone not yet qualified to teach. About 70%  of trainee instructors dont qualify) You will have fewer lessons with a professional, learn more, and improve your chances of passing 1st time. But choose carefully and remember you can change at any time if you are not happy with the service they are providing

Choose an Instructor who teaches more than just the basics.

Sadly 2 young drivers under the age of 24 die every day on UK roads. 1 in 5 new drivers has an accident in the 1st year of passing the test. At Kev Townsend School of Motoring teaching defensive driving and accident avoidance skills are just as important as passing the test.

FREE Welcome Pack.   When you join Kev Townsend School of Motoring you will be given a free welcome pack. This includes such things as an appointment card, drivers record so we can both monitor your progress, terms and conditions, payment record, information on how to book your test and lots more.

You then start with a 90 minute Taster lesson You only pay for 60 mins and get 30 free. The cost of this is £30. You can then decide if you want to continue or if you still want to look around. There is no pressure to stay with Kev Townsend School of Motoring.  The next lesson you could either buy a block of hours from as little as £26 per hour for 25 hours at £650 or pay as you go. Any hours not used on a Block Booking will be fully refunded.

Fully qualified Driving Instructor Buxton

Fully qualified instructors display a green badge. A pink badge means they are still training.

Please note the new prices from the 1st of January 2019

Taster Lessons


Pay as you go per hour


10 Hour Block Booking      £29 per hr


15 Hour Block Booking      £28 per hr


20 Hour Block Booking      £27 per hr


Pass Plus


You can apply for your provisional licence before your 17th Birthday. Then have your 1st lesson on your Birthday.


Gift vouchers available for any occasion

Contact Kev Townsend School of Motoring    07816006271 and try the TASTER LESSON

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